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Helping You Heal Relationship Wounds & Develop Deeper Connection

Has your relationship deeply impacted your mental health and well-being?  Do you want to regain your sense of value, worth, and empowerment?

As a Therapist, Life Coach & Author, I am passionate about providing research-based education, support, coaching, and therapy to those struggling with personal and relationship crises.  


My site is filled with resources to help you learn, grow, and heal.  You will find several different ways to start integrating positive changes into your life today!


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There is a path toward healing & growth...

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Kristin's book

Life Anonymous:

12 Steps to Heal and Transform Your Life

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Free Resources

Building A Better Understanding

Kristin has compiled helpful articles and resources on addiction, infidelity, gaslighting, shame, and more that are helpful in understanding yourself and your relationships.


Online Courses

Affordable. Accessible. Life-Altering.

Kristin's vast library of educational videos, exercises, and tools, developed through years of research and clinical experience available online to you, in the privacy of your own home.


Live Workshops

Online and In-Person

Kristin hosts monthly live workshops on subjects such as Betrayal Trauma, Improving Intimacy & Connection, and more.

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Specializing in Intimacy Disorders, Betrayal Trauma, Infidelity, Addiction & Couples Counseling

My name is Kristin Snowden. I have over 15 years of clinical experience working with thousands of couples and individuals. I specialize in helping clients transcend high-conflict relationship crises like betrayal trauma, addiction issues, or emotional abuse.  I provide the tools, education, and guidance that allow clients to develop a greater sense of self, clarity on the healthiest steps forward, while adopting deeper, more intimate ways of living and loving. 

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