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Kristin Snowden -  Therapist, Life Coach, Author
The Journey from Crisis to Clarity

Clarity is on the horizon. You may just need a guide.

Experiencing relationship crises, whether triggered by hidden addictions, infidelity, or emotional abuse can be the most painful and paralyzing experiences in one’s life.

I specialize in guiding individuals and couples through these tumultuous times. I provide the tools and support needed to move from crisis to clarity through therapy, couples counseling, small group work, and online courses. Your journey to safety and stability starts here.


Kristin Snowden -  Therapist, Life Coach, Author


You’ve heard of the 12-steps for alcoholics, but did you know the same principles can be applied to other issues in life? Are you feeling stuck? Disconnected relationally? Crushed by the pain of trauma? The 12 Steps are about identifying what is not working in our lives and making changes to better both ourselves and our relationships. We’ve taken the guesswork out of how to make changes and laid out a clear plan in our book, Life Anonymous.

Life Anonymous: 12 Steps to Heal & Transform Your Life
"Your class has changed my life!  THANK YOU!  With tears in my eyes and with a heart filled with GRATITUDE, I am emailing you to say THANK YOU!  Your Relationship Masterclass--which I just completed--has completely changed me.  The crazy thing is that I had already done so much work but your course took me to the next level of self-exploration in the most gentle, loving, kind way.  You are amazing!  With gratitude,"



Tired of feeling lost in the chaos of relationship struggles?

You’re not alone—take a breath, and let's embark on a journey to empowerment together. Your story of healing starts here.

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