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Kristin Snowden -  Therapist, Life Coach, Author
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The Journey from Crisis to Clarity

Clarity is on the horizon. You may just need a guide.

Everyone finds themselves in crisis at some point in their lives, but determining who can actually help you navigate through it can feel impossible. You’re in pain and it seems that no one really understands. I have helped hundreds of people find clarity, peace, and a renewed sense of empowerment in the midst of crisis. No one should have to suffer alone in the chaos and confusion of a crisis. I am here to be your guide through one of the darkest seasons of your life. Take a deep breath. You don’t have to do this alone. Let’s see if I might be the guide you’re looking for.

Kristin Snowden -  Therapist, Life Coach, Author


You’ve heard of the 12-steps for alcoholics, but did you know the same principles can be applied to other issues in life? Are you feeling stuck? Disconnected relationally? Crushed by the pain of trauma? The 12 Steps are about identifying what is not working in our lives and making changes to better both ourselves and our relationships. We’ve taken the guesswork out of how to make changes and laid out a clear plan in our book, Life Anonymous.

Life Anonymous: 12 Steps to Heal & Transform Your Life
"Kristin's information and insights have helped so many people struggling with betrayal trauma and shame. Her webinars provide free resources that resonate with people so they can take the important steps forward to find help and healing. Her workshops and support for clients are professional and compassionate. I am grateful for the ability to confidently refer to Kristin as a resource."


Chief Relationship Officer, Seeking Integrity Treatment Programs