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You’ve heard of the 12-steps for alcoholics, but did you know the same principles can be applied to other issues in life? Are you feeling stuck? Disconnected relationally? Crushed by the pain of trauma? The 12 Steps are about identifying what is not working in our lives and making changes to better both ourselves and our relationships. We’ve taken the guesswork out of how to make changes and laid out a clear plan in our book, Life Anonymous.

How non-addicts use the 12-step model to  heal from hurt, betrayal, and unhealthy relationship patterns

Alcoholic Anonymous' 12-Step model has helped millions of addicts find and maintain sobriety to live healthier, happier, more intimately connected lives.


But for some reason, this formula has never taken root beyond the recovering addict community.

Until Now...

Kristin M. Snowden, a non-addict and therapist, and Scott Brassart, a long-recovering addict and author, have both worked and benefitted from the 12 Steps.

And they have both wondered why—when it is so clear to them that the 12 Steps can help any person (addicted or not)—this proven program for healthy change is not more widely utilized.


That is why Life Anonymous was written, with Kristin and Scott using their personal and professional journeys to show how every person can use the 12 Steps to ignite profound change.


You don’t need to be an addict and you don’t need extreme or obvious symptoms such as debilitating depression or anxiety to get something meaningful from this book.


You don’t even need to be in a relationship with an addict. The simple truth is that people in deep struggle can appear to be quite a high functioning.


The 12 Steps are about identifying what is not working in our lives and making changes to better ourselves and our relationships. Ultimately, a healthy connection with self and others is what it’s about.


Whoever you are, whatever your situation, your life can be better. Much better. And the 12 Step process described in these pages can help you make that happen.

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