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Resiliency & Recovery

You’ve scoured the internet to find answers for how to heal and improve your relationship. You know things need to change. And you know there has to be a way to do it. But with all the information out there, where do you begin? Where can you find a one-stop-shop for the education and tools you’re searching for?

I am here to help.

Drawing upon my decades of clinical therapy experience, I’ve created simple, thorough courses to help you navigate your relational challenges.

Whether you’re dealing with an addiction, betrayal, or painful cycles, The Masterclass will help you move from crisis to clarity.

The Masterclass will help if you’re experiencing:

  • Relational crisis

  • The trauma of betrayal 

  • Emotional abuse or manipulation 

  • Struggle with physical or emotional intimacy

  • Pain from childhood wounds

  • Push and pull in a relationship

  • Relationship with an addict 

  • Questioning your instincts

  • Pain in your relationship

  • Confusion in personal identity 

  • Difficulty with boundaries 

“This is a life-changing course! It should be taught at schools and I will definitely talk about it with my children as they grow up. I plan to take the course over and over again in order to help it sink in. Priceless information! Thank you so much, Kristin!"


The Masterclass includes:


Online Courses


 Curriculum Workbook


The Masterclass Support Community

You’ll get 11 Modules broken into bite-sized videos to help you heal and transform personally and relationally. Whether you need to fit the course into the nooks and crannies of a full schedule or you’re ready to binge on a deep dive of revolutionary education, this go-at-your-own-pace model is perfect for you. 

Immediately download this comprehensive guide that goes hand-in-hand with the Online Course. Each step of the way you’ll have the practical tools to help you make real change.

At my core, I know we cannot do any of this alone. As a Masterclass student, you’ll get access to an exclusive community for support and growth. Connect with others walking a similar path in this safe, online space carved out just for you. In this community, questions are welcome and “me too’s” abound. Even after you finish your course, you’ll have lifetime access to a community of people who are navigating the same journey towards personal and relational health. 

So what exactly do we cover in The Relationships Masterclass? I will guide you through all the essentials of building a healthy relationship.

Choose the Masterclass Level that best suits your needs



*Includes the full Masterclass

  • Access to all 11 Modules, packed with 80 bite-sized videos to digest at your own pace. These lessons are designed to help you grow in personal and relational understanding, insight, and confidence.

  • A downloadable Workbook to guide you through the entire Course — because, trust me, you’re going to want to take notes. 

  • Five Reflection Exercises to help you begin practicing new skills for healthier relationships

  • Essential Relationship & Self-Assessment Tools that I use every day in my counseling practice

  • Access to an exclusive Online Support Community with other Masterclass members



*Includes the full Masterclass + Live Workshop

  • Everything from the Essentials level

  • Plus FREE access to any Live Workshop of your choice ($450 value)



*Includes the full Masterclass + 1:1 Coaching

  • Everything from the Essentials Level

  • Plus Three 1:1 Coaching sessions with Kristin to be used individually or with your partner ($900 value)

If you are looking for personalized support in your journey towards a healthier you and healthier relationships, then The Full Package is for you. You’ll get all the education provided in the Relationships Masterclass plus individual coaching from an experienced therapist and life-coach. This is the best option for those who want to work one-on-one with me, as my Professional Counseling schedule is currently fully booked.

The Masterclass is not therapy nor is it a substitute for seeking appropriate therapeutic support from trained professionals. This course, however, can complement and assist in the psycho educational portion of the therapeutic process.

Masterclass Levels
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