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The Relationship Masterclass Modules



Introduction to Resiliency, Recovery, & Relationships

If you’ve ever felt like you’re not allowed to take care of yourself or maybe you aren’t sure how to value yourself, this module is for you! Before we can begin the hard work of transformation, we need to set the stage for investing in yourself.  I will walk you through the inner work of giving yourself permission to practice, acknowledging fear and shame, and embracing authenticity in the journey. Together, we will set the stage for the important work ahead.


Taking a Status Check of Your Mental Health & Relationships

How can you start a journey without first identifying your current location? We will uncover the true status of your relationship, take inventory on your current sense of self, and then begin learning about how growth becomes an integrated part of your life.



Why We Need Relationships and How They Get So Messy

Here is where we start getting into the stuff that brought you here. We’ll unpack what healthy intimacy looks like, identify signs that you might be struggling with intimacy, and explore the most common “intimacy killers.” If you’ve ever struggled with perfectionism, anxiety, or control, then you’ll be taking all the notes in this module. Last, we will begin learning about the realities of narcissism, borderline personality disorder, trauma, abuse, and gaslighting. It’s heavy stuff, but I’ll be guiding you through it all. 


Steps to Achieve Healthier Relationships

Ever wondered if you might be codependent? What about interdependent? In this module, we will establish the importance of healthy boundaries and you’ll be released to understand that having needs is OK — we just need to know how to appropriately express to others and expect from others. You’ll complete this module with a new framework for healthy relationships. 



Defining Your Values and Goals

Remember how we said we need to know where we are currently to know how to move forward? Well now is where we establish where you want to go. But before we can do that, we need to define your values in order to set meaningful goals. If you’re in crisis, your goals and values have been impacted. Here I’ll help you unpack that and reconnect with your true desires.


The Impact of Childhood on Adult Relationships

As a Licensed Therapist, you know I’m going to have you take a deep dive into your family of origin. It’s immensely complicated. And absolutely essential to process in order to grow.  I’ll help you understand how your childhood relationships have impacted your relationships in adulthood. I’ll teach you about the science of attachment, how different attachment styles are formed, and how to know what your attachment style is. Most importantly, I’ll show you the steps to creating secure, safe attachment with others now. In this module, you’ll begin to heal from childhood attachment wounds. I’ll also teach you about a couple of concepts that I called “The Lost Child” and “The Parent-Adult-Child Relationship Dynamic.” Don’t worry if you’re not sure what all of that means. By the end of this module, you’ll have a much deeper understanding of how your past has impacted your present. 



The Huge Role Our Brain Plays in Relationships

If you’ve ever felt like you’re “broken” or that something is wrong with you, my hope is that you’ll be encouraged in this module! The brain is tremendously complex and trauma has a very real neurological impact on us. The good news is that your brain can be rewired through the right practices — which, you guessed it, I’ll teach you in this module!


The Game-Changer: Understanding Shame

No one enjoys the feeling of shame. And likely, you’ve felt shamed by loved ones in your life. Let me teach you about what shame actually is and what it isn’t. I’ll help you understand what triggers shame, how to defend against it, how to get out of it, and how to get back to connection. (Spoiler: vulnerability and authenticity are key!)



When Love and Relationships Become Toxic

Chances are that a toxic relationship led you to this place. Here we will understand the fundamentals of the Love Addict and the Love Avoidant as well as the tumultuous cycle you may have found yourself in. And we can’t understand toxic relationships without shedding light on the insidious abuse tactic of gaslighting. Last, I’ll give language to the most devastating part of infedilty or addiction. Betrayal trauma is a real thing and has to be addressed to move forward in health.


Developing Healthy and Efficient Communication

It’s time to get to the good stuff! Now that we’ve fully unpacked everything that contributes to an unhealthy relationship, we get to start the work of rebuilding — but this time you’ll be starting from a healthier self to build healthier relationships. I’ll teach you how to effectively communicate what’s going on inside of you, how to understand your partners, and my top proven ways to make a relationship work. You’ll wrap this module fully equipped to have the healthy, loving relationships you’ve always longed for! 



Key Take-Aways for Your Personal and Relational Growth

You didn’t think I would leave you there, did you? As a final wrap up, you’ll get the chance to identify your key take always and create a practical plan for growth post Masterclass. Congrats! You are off to grow meaningful, healthy relationships! 

Are you ready to finally move from crisis to clarity?

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