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The Surprising Obstacles to Setting & Maintaining Boundaries

Kristin discusses why boundaries are so hard to set and maintain with our friends and loved one and why they're so important for our mental health and relationships. Boundaries are at the core of helping people feel safe after betrayal and hurt by the acts of close, trusted loved ones. They help us tell others whats ok and what's not ok and provide consequences to others if they don't respect boundaries. However, when we try to set and hold boundaries we have to push back on shame and the fear/stress/trauma responses in our bodies. Kristin provides psychoeducation on these topics around boundary-setting, fears of vulnerability, shame resiliency and provides tools to help you identify, set and maintain boundaries so you can begin the path toward healing. These tools are helpful for betrayed partners, people struggling in their life and relationships, recovering addicts, and trauma survivors.

Below is a "Healthy vs. Unhealthy" Boundaries Chart that can help you explore your own boundaries and help you incorporate healthier ways of engaging with others.

Boundaries chart updated
Download PDF • 512KB


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