Resiliency, Recovery & Relationships: Building a Healthier You & Healthier Relationships
An Online Master Class, Video Library, & Curriculum Workbook

  • Personal or relational crisis

  • Deep confusion and pain around your relationship and personal identity

  • Unhealthy, hard-to-change relationship patterns

  • A toxic relationship with emotional abuse and manipulation (e.g. lying and gaslighting)

  • Betrayal or infidelity

  • Struggling with emotional or physical intimacy

  • Questioning your instincts, choices, and judgement

  • Childhood wounds. Do you wonder how the past may be harming your current relationships?

  • Unrequited love or a relationship with a lot of push/pull

  • Loving or being in a relationship with an addict

Are you experiencing...

Are you looking for...

  • A better understanding of human psychology, more effective communication with others, and what leads humans to behave in certain ways.

  • Healing from past and present wounds.

  • A way to continue your path toward personal growth, deeper meaning, and healing.