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Referrals & Resources

Kristin’s private practice has limited availability with priority spots going to in-person or hybrid clientele.  Additional one-on-one sessions are available through her online course, The Relationship Masterclass: The Full Package. This course includes 80 Video lessons, a guided workbook, assessments, reflective meditations, a private online community, and three 50 minute one-on-one sessions with Kristin, all for only $899. It's like purchasing 3 sessions and getting a transformational online course for free.


She's also worked hard to provide several high-quality resources and referrals for you to get the help you need now. Check out these additional options below:

Live (Zoom) Small Group Workshops

Group-settings can be very intimidating and off-putting. However, Kristin's clinical experience has shown that doing deep work and healing in small groups can often be even more impactful and effective than one-on-one work. 

Free Toolkit for Self-Discovery

Are you reassessing your life, relationship(s), and how to move forward in the healthiest way possible? Check out Kristin’s FREE Toolkit for Self-Discovery, which is packed with revealing quizzes, informative articles, and basic tools to help you begin a path toward meaningful change.

Take the Healthiest Steps Forward With Kristin's Online Programs

Relationship crises can be devastating, paralyzing, and deeply confusing.  These courses share the latest expert opinions and research for healthily navigating relationship struggles.  These courses are affordable, accessible, and life-altering to give you the help you need right now.

Kristin's New Book

Kristin's new book, Life Anonymous: 12 Steps to Heal and Transform Your Life, is a collection of stories, effective exercises, guidance, and research to help you take steps toward positive change or walk with your loved one through transformation.

Free Monthly Live Webinars

Kristin hosts free live monthly webinars via Zoom in association with Sex and Relationship Healing. Tune in on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 9:30AM PST to explore the topics you’re seeking help with and to gain more resources and information.

Treatment Referrals

To obtain local mental health professional referrals please message Kristin's colleague, Tami Ver Helst. She has a vast database of well-trained professionals in your area.

More Free Resources

You can find more free resources on Kristin’s website, including recommended reading, helpful blog posts, and a list of support groups and facilities.

It’s Kristin’s goal to provide you with high-quality, well-informed help and support during your time of need. She hopes these resources will at least start you down the path toward healing and meaningful change.
Feel free to contact Kristin with any other questions or concerns.

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