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Relationships 101: Breaking Toxic Cycles

Are you stuck in the same unhealthy relational cycles? Are you sick of feeling like you and your partner keep having the same issues?

Do you want love, but keep experiencing pain?

No one teaches us how to have a healthy relationship. We all learn from the models we’ve been given, and for many of us, those were not helpful. If you are ready to finally put an end to the toxic relationship cycles in your life, then you’re in the right place! No one should have to stay in cycles where they feel unheard, unseen, and unappreciated. 


Your relationship doesn’t have to be full of pain, frustration, and heartache.  There is a way to find real intimacy, love, and peace in a relationship. Let me guide you out of the cycle and into new, healthier patterns.


In this course I'll help you to:

  • Understand the cycle

  • Develop healthier skills

  • Heal and repair to move forward

  • Connect with others who understand


If you're ready to break the cycle, I've laid out a simple plan:

  • Purchase the course

  • Watch all 3 video modules 

  • Complete the growth exercises

  • Move forward with the support of community

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You don’t have to stay stuck in the cycle. I believe that you are capable of making changes to receive the love you want — the love you deserve. I’m simply here to help guide you along your journey towards relational health. 

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