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Checking in With Your Life & Relationships
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The Relationship & Self-Discovery Toolkit is a free collection of tools, taken from my larger, comprehensive course - Resiliency, Recovery & Relationships.  It provides a starting point for the complicated, multi-layered pieces involved in recovery with meditation audio, quizzes & assessments, and informative articles to help you better understand yourself.  Now available FREE just for becoming a member of my page.


You CAN change your unhealthy patterns and engage in healthier relationships. Your pain and wounds don't have to define you and set you down a permanent path of unhappiness and confusion.  Recovery can be achieved through education, hard work, commitment, and practice.

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Who is this course for:

  • Anyone trying to change a painful interpersonal relationship

  • Anyone in an unhealthy, toxic relationship and looking for education and skills to stop the cycle

  • Anyone finding themselves in the same unhealthy patterns and wanting to learn how to change to healthier patterns

  • Those with childhood wounds that have contributed to dissatisfaction in their adult relationship

  • Those who avoid intimacy or struggle with connecting to their partners

  • Those struggling with sex or love addiction


Relationship & Self Discovery Toolkit inclues:

Quizzes, Assessments & Questionnaires

  • Your Attachment Style Quiz

  • Your Partners Attachment Style Quiz

  • What is Your Trust Metric? Assessment

  • Love Addict Screening


Informative Articles

  • Gaslighting: What is it? Why is it So Dangerous?

  • The Trauma of Betrayal

  • Healthy v. Unhealthy Boundaries

Meditation Audio Files

  • What is a Healthy Connection?

  • What is Working for Me? What Needs to be Fixed?

  • How Am I Feeling, Exactly?

  • What is My (and my Partners) Communication Style?

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