Transformational Online Courses

Affordable. Accessible. Life-Altering.

Designed by a licensed therapist with over a decade of clinical experience, these online courses can set you down the path toward healing and recovery.

Live, small workshops also available here.

Relationship & Self-Discovery Toolkit


The first, risk-free step on your journey.

A collection of quizzes, assessments, articles, and audio files to help your recovery begin.

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Resiliency, Recovery & Relationships
Building A Healthier You & Healthy Relationships


The largest and most comprehensive course that Kristin offers.

Multiple packages are available that include one-on-one sessions and/or live monthly Q&A sessions with Kristin. 

Toxic Relationship Cycles
The Love Addict & Love Avoidant


A smaller, focused course.

Kristin has extracted a small segment of the larger course as a "first-step" option based on her most popular YouTube video