About Kristin

Kristin's Experience & Training

Kristin M. Snowden, MA, LMFT, CDWF is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (#81413) who specializes in intimacy disorders, addiction recovery, betrayal trauma, and attachment theory. She also specializes in treating high-conflict relationship crises and trauma.


Kristin currently runs a private practice in Westlake Village, California, and is the Intimacy Disorders Specialist at Avalon Malibu, a treatment center for substance abuse and mental health disorders. She is also a regular webinar host and podcast guest for Sex and Relationship Healing.com and LifeUnplugged.

Kristin received an honors undergraduate degree from University of Southern California and a Master’s degree in Psychology from Chapman University.  She spent years training under Dr. Robert

kristin snowden intimacy disorders and addiction recovery therapist

Weiss as they ran and developed the first dually-focused men's drug and sex addiction treatment program in the world (The Substance Abuse and Intimacy Disorders (SAID) Program at Promises Malibu).  


Kristin is a Certified Daring Way Facilitator™, based on Dr. Brené Brown's research and clinical approaches to exploring shame, trauma, intimacy issues, and adopting a resiliency practice.  Kristin has received additional training from the following experts/training models: Dr. Bessel Van der Kolk (trauma), Dr. Dan Siegel (Interpersonal Neurobiology), Dr. Christine Courtois (trauma), Rob Weiss, LCSW (addiction), Pam Peeke, MD (food addiction), and Patrick Carnes/Ken Adams, PhDs (sex addiction), Dr. John Gottman (couples therapy), and Pia Mellody (love addiction/codependency). She is trained in providing LGBTQQ affirmative therapy and comfortable with incorporating religious or spirituality concepts, where appropriate (if client requests).


Kristin's years of clinical work on military bases, in public schools, and in long-term residential treatment centers have exposed her to diverse racial and socioeconomic populations along with providing extensive experience with individuals, couples, groups, and families in the field of substance abuse, trauma, and mental health disorders.



While Kristin loves to work with a gamut of treatment issues, her passion is working with recovering addicts and couples/individuals who are healing from betrayal.


She is also a specialist in helping clients recover and heal from addiction, depression, anxiety, trauma, loss, and relationship challenges (namely emotional abuseinfidelity, and divorce).


Life carries with it a great deal of uncertainties and we are vulnerable to them all. Despite our attempts to control our lives, things have and will continue to happen that harm us, challenge our belief systems, cause us pain, and change the trajectory of our lives. It is in these challenging moments where our personalities and futures are defined. Finding the right help and support during these moments may greatly improve our outcomes.


Getting the Right Help.

Kristin is available to answer any questions you may have.  If she is taking new clients, she will set up a free phone consult with you in order to assess whether her expertise matches your expressed needs or she may refer you to another therapist, program, workshop, or other helpful resources.


Please contact her to set up a FREE telephone consultation.